Sounds of markets in South London (2023)

Doing groceries shopping is not only about prices and convenience but also about atmosphere. People don’t just buy products, they buy experiences.

In this work, we explore the whole sound experience perception around 6 different super markets and markets in south London.We identified 5 main sound sources and evaluated them from 0 to 10 in every one of the supermarkets.

Different colored circles represent different types of sounds.

orange: equipment
red: BGM
green: talking
blue: transport

Touching the circle will play the corresponding animation and sound.You can touch the upper, middle and lower markets respectively to DIY your own sound atmosphere.

Comparing supermarkets, Iceland is very quiet, whereas Morrisons is very busy with background music and shopkeepers voices. Comparing supermarkets and markets also shows that there is a diversity of sound type


Touch Designer

1. one place data / five different sounds
2. connect six places
3. connect animation



Bare Conductive (Arduino)

4. Connection to Bare Conductive and touchdesigner
5. We bought conductive ink and draw circle
6. Connection Circle to Bare conductive