I’m here now (2018)


The media used to convey information to people have changed from letters, newspapers and television to the internet (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc.), which allows people to get information without time lag. So, what are the elements that make up “presence”? Is it possible to feel without being physically present? I exhibited this work at my booth in university during my exchange program at the University of Art, Linz, Austria (2017.9-12). In the centre of the screen is a youtube video showing what I saw with my own eyes.
On the left side of the screen is my twitter account from my time in Linz. On the right is a google map showing where I am now.

Newspapers are delivered once a few days from the printer on the platform.

By installing a web camera at the center of the television and at a position where the entire work can be viewed, the situation of this device can be viewed remotely.