Accidentally open space (2018)


The filter bubble is described by Eli Palliser in the book of the same name. “My choices, choices and choices can only be given in my own choice environment. It is a coined word meaning “. In order to get out of the filter bubble completely, blocking the net may be the most effective way . But I think this is not realistic. Therefore, this work does not proceed to completely escape from the filter bubble, but rather regularly escape from the optimised space and create opportunities to meet new ideas and to learn new ideas and discoveries. I exhibited a prototype of places where you can meet in a real space by chance in order to “get attracted to something that you entrust yourself with in the real world or to interact with people you meet”. I proceeded by pushing the partition that assumed the crossroads and T-junctions, but since I installed the stand in a way that I can not make a full rotation at random, I walked from the end to the other side by not progressing as I expected. If you want to meet you, you can create a space where you can not meet, you can not meet you but you can not.