Read privacy policy properly (2018)

I think that the current situation, in which personal data is collected and sold without the agreement is a violation of privacy. However, the only time this issue is communicated to users is when there is an information breach issue. For example, the Facebook personal data breach that came to light in 2018. The news that personal data may have been passed to election consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and used in the US presidential election led to users deleting their Facebook accounts.
However, this is only a small part of the total personal data. Many times more personal data is being taken by internet companies. In the opinion of the author, bringing them to light one by one will not solve the fundamental problem of the continuous capture of personal data. Of course, each media show a privacy policy that describes what information it collects, but it is so long and few people read it in full.
In order to give people the opportunity to read privacy policies, I exhibited my work “Let’s read Privacy Policies Properly”. By printing largely the privacy policies of LINE(Japanese popular message app), Twitter, Google, and Facebook, which have the largest number of users in Japan, the work shows the asymmetry of information: companies claim that their privacy policies describe how they handle personal data, but in fact users do not read them. This shows the asymmetry of information.