Netwellness Lab (2018)




“Net wellness Lab” is a laboratory developed to support comfortable human life(internet life) on the Internet. In addition, the Lab has a function called “Net Life Planner”, which helps the user create a comfortable Internet life. It also proposes how to use the Internet and privacy settings according to the needs of the user. Let’s enjoy a safe and comfortable Internet life through “Net Wellness Lab’’. Customised support is a service that NetlifePlanner will introduce to the user and it recommends privacy settings to suit your personal Internet usage.



Ars electronica Internet Yami-ichi Exhibiton (2019)


The means by which users can take action is by changing their privacy settings. Here, the concept of an online lifestyle was proposed.To encourage privacy settings, we produced a video explaining privacy settings called Mypla, like a TV programme, and a performance in which I played the role of a Net Lifestyle Planner, consulting on privacy settings. These were parodies and borrowed from existing formats.



 Privacy TV show My privacy Mypra

The “Privacy Settings Program Mypra” is a program in which I act as an Internet Life Planner, explains the privacy settings of Twitter, Facebook and Google for each lifestyle.